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Eligibility designations

The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program (NPOP) is designed to provide any qualified nonprofit organization (NPO) with an affordable way to acquire Esri solutions. All applicants undergo a review process upon submission of the NPOP application, which considers formal tax-exempt status and the mission of the organization. In the United States, this is signified by your 501(c3) designation and National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) category. For international applicants, your organization's eligibility and tax-exempt verification will be determined by your local Esri distributor as part of the application process.

NPOs generally considered for NPOP membership include noncommercial entities with humanitarian, conservation, and community service missions. Commercial organizations; governmental entities; organizations with a primary focus on economic development; and primary, secondary, and higher education institutions are not eligible for the NPOP. While educational service organizations with a specific conservation, humanitarian, or community service mission may qualify, we strongly encourage universities and other higher education organizations to explore Esri's GIS for education programs.

In its sole business discretion, Esri reserves the right to determine the eligibility of an organization for the NPOP. As a result of that eligibility determination, Esri may either grant or deny an organization's application or participation for any reason. Program eligibility is not subject to external review. Esri further reserves the right to supplement or amend the program's eligibility guidelines at any time without notice.

Available program offerings

ArcGIS Online

  • ArcGIS Marketplace
  • ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World
  • ArcGIS StoryMaps

ArcGIS Desktop

  • One-year term license
    • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (single use)
    • ArcGIS Desktop extensions (single use)
      • ArcGIS 3D Analyst
      • ArcGIS Data Interoperability
      • ArcGIS Data Reviewer
      • ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
      • ArcGIS Network Analyst
      • ArcGIS Publisher
      • ArcGIS Schematics
      • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
      • ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
      • ArcGIS Workflow Manager
      • ArcGIS Image Analyst
  • Community support via the ArcGIS Resources website
  • No telephone support
  • Uncapped access to Esri online self-support via ArcGIS Resources website and current forums

ArcGIS Enterprise

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced, 16 cores
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced extensions
    • ArcGIS 3D Analyst
    • ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
    • ArcGIS Network Analyst
    • ArcGIS Schematics
    • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
    • ArcGIS Workflow Manager
  • ArcGIS Enterprise additional capability servers, 16 cores
    • ArcGIS Image Server
    • ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
    • ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server
  • One-year term agreement
  • Telephone support for one authorized caller
  • Community and self-help support via the ArcGIS Resources and support services websites

Enterprise agreements

The following enterprise agreements are designed to suit organizations of all sizes. These are one-year term renewable agreements. Software and software as a service (SaaS) offerings are outlined below:

Tier 1 support provided by organization

  • Customer will provide Tier 1 Support through the Tier 1 Help Desk to all of customer's authorized users.
  • At a minimum, Tier 1 Support will include those activities that assist the user in resolving how-to and operational questions as well as questions on installation and troubleshooting procedures.
  • The Tier 1 Help Desk will be the initial point of contact for all questions and reporting of a case. The Tier 1 Help Desk will obtain a full description of each reported case and the system configuration from the user. This may include obtaining any customizations, code samples, or data involved in the case.
  • If the Tier 1 Help Desk cannot resolve the case, an authorized Tier 1 Help Desk individual may contact Esri Tier 2 Support. The Tier 1 Help Desk will provide support in such a way as to minimize repeat calls and make solutions to problems available to customer's organization.
  • Tier 1 Help Desk individuals are the only individuals authorized to contact Esri Tier 2 Support. Customer may change the Tier 1 Help Desk individuals by written notice to Esri.

Annual report of deployment for the Nonprofit Organization Uncapped Program

At each anniversary date and 90 days prior to the expiration date of the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program, the customer will provide Esri a written report detailing all deployments, including preexisting software. Upon request, the customer will provide records sufficient to verify the accuracy of the annual report. 

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